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  Saunders Sustainable Nanotechnology Lab


The Saunders Sustainable Nanotechnology Laboratory strives to develop new classes of sustainable nanoparticles to use in catalytic applications.  We are focused on understanding the interactions between the solvent, stabilizing ligand, and nanoparticle surface to better control nanoparticle dispersibility.   A better control over the disperability of nanoparticles can lead to new processes that produce less waste while maximizing the reuse and catalytic activity of nanoparticles.   We are developing nanoparticles that can be easily recovered and reused through the use of switchable solvent technology, that can be easily deposited onto catalyst supports without a need to calcine using reversible ionic surfactants, and leveraging Diffusion Oriented Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to perform measurements at the nanoscale to determine the mechanism of complex nanoparticle syntheses.

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